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19.7x11.8x2.9/4” Gel Sheet Memory Cotton High And Low Profile Pillow


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Studies have shown that almost one-third of a person's life spends in sleeping. Sleeping is the best way to eliminate fatigue, and pillows are one of the essential sleep tools. Therefore, it is important to buy a comfortable pillow. This will improve sleep quality and life quality. The pillow we recommend to you is a hypoallergenic memory cotton pillow. The memory cotton material of the pillow inner has a unique warmth effect and uniform pressure distribution, which will provide you with a more comfortable sleep experience and help relieve some sleeping problems including snoring, insomnia, migraine, neck and back pain, allergies and temporomandibular joints. The pillow is covered with an environmental gel, which gives you a cool and comfortable feeling. The two sides of pillowcase are made of different fabric materials, and personalized design can meet your needs better.

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